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Our motto is simple - You concentrate on your business while we meet your staffing needs. We recognize the value of your precious time and don't waste it for no reason. For you, it should be as simple as it sounds. You pass us your problem along with the possible requiements for the demaned workforce and shortly you get it solved. Just like that. As we guarantee the outcome and never ask for the prepayment for our services, it is virtually risk-free. So why not to give us a chance to prove that we could become your long-term strategic partner in all staffing-related questions?

  • 17 Strategic Partners

  • 80 New Workers Monthly

  • 140 Various Professions

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Recruitment and Headhunting

We will find you the most suitable candidates according to your reqirements. Our experience and proactive approach allow us to find the best candidates promptly.

Business Process Outsourcing

Another solution to the staffing is complete business process outsourcing. We would be glad to find you a suitable partner for any needs of such kind.

HR-related Consulting Services

In case your business needs any kind of guidance on the HR-related issues or you don't have a specific position filled, our company would provide you any possible assitance.

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We care about our reputation. That is why we check the candidates above and beyond the requirements, ensuring that our customers would be satisfied with the outcome.
Our experts have vast experience in recruitment for various industries. From construction workers and welders to nurses and programmers - we know what the customer might expect.
As stated above, we do not ask for the prepayment so you pay only upon checking the quality of the staff provided. Besides that, for some occupations we offer a 1-month guarantee with a free worker substitution in case the selected one didn't fit.


For all inquiries regarding our services kindly get in touch with us using the following contact form or any other means listed below.

Call Us

+372 53 35 85 85

Email Address

Open Hours

Daily 8:30-17:00


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